From the Executive Director

The LHC is committed to its mission of providing decent, safe, and affordable housing opportunities for every low and moderate income Louisianians. Developing affordable housing is not just about financing sticks and bricks. Housing is also about investing in the human mortar that binds those sticks and bricks into cohesive communities. It is about providing a family and a senior citizen with a safe and lasting harbor while we nurture our children within that sanctuary. It is about gathering peacefully in community rooms to discuss and plan the future of our neighborhoods. It is about building within struggling communities the same social and economic framework that exists in thriving communities. To prevent the corrosive effects of exclusion and disenfranchisement from recurring, the LHC’s mission is to finance dwellings that offer more than just a nice place to live. We believe in ensuring that our neighborhoods contain the vital essentials that connect individuals to educational, economic and social resources that at their core involve residents and at their zenith evolve communities. The LHC's cooperative endeavors in housing recovery have yielded over 21,026 homes and multifamily. Louisiana is recovering and the LHC looks to a brighter future as our new communities grow into a rich residential tapestry that stretches from one end of our state to the other. Enjoy touring our site. I hope you find it helpful.

LHFA's 2010 Strategic Planning Conference -- 08/02/10

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New Interim Executive Director at Louisiana Housing Corporation -- 01/31/12

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