Housing Needs Asssessments

Rent Stress in Louisiana HNA October 2014
Housing Needs Assessment
White Paper Supplement to 2014 Housing Needs Assessment
Housing Needs Assessment Dataset

Housing Executive Summary
A brief summary of the 2010 Housing Needs Assessment Report.

Louisiana Affordable Housing Needs Assessment - Appendices
Demographic data and affordable housing needs by MSA and parish.

Housing Needs Assessment Report
This report marks the fourth housing needs study commissioned by the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency (LHC) since 2004. Its primary purpose is to provide a summary of the rebuilding process post-Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike, illustrating the challenges and accomplishments along the way, while framing the state’s more pressing housing issues.


Housing Needs Assessment Summary

A brief summary of the 2009 Housing Needs Assessment.

Housing Needs Assessment Report
The intention of this report is to estimate the demand for affordable housing in Louisiana, taking into account the pace of recovery since Hurricane Katrina and the effectiveness of recent statewide housing initiatives. The data and findings within the report are a result of an ongoing study sponsored by the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) to track current and future housing demand with respect to new housing developments. In particular, this report analyzes the expected population growth in the New Orleans metro area in comparison with the tens of thousands of new subsidized rental units slated for construction over the next three years.


 Housing Needs Assessment Database
This website provides a parish-level analysis of affordable housing needs before the storm and incorporates the damages caused by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike, as well as more recent demographic and income data, to arrive at a more current assessment of housing needs throughout the state. Additional features include a summary of Road Home data, subsidized housing units in the pipeline, and estimated current and future housing demand based on existing and forecasted populations. Last updated 2008.

Special Reports
BGR Report

St. Bernard RFP
St. Bernard Report