Human Resources

Human Resources Department (Louisiana Housing Corporation)

The LHC’s Human Resources Department oversees all phases of employee staffing.  This includes managing the organizational structure, recruitment, on-boarding and retention.  These functions are completed within adherence to Civil Service Rules, State and Federal Law.

The Department promotes efficient and productive workflow in the Corporation by assuring compliance and processing employee evaluations, merits, reallocations, promotions, demotions and disciplinary actions.  The department provides annual EEO and Applicant Flow data reports to Civil Service and federal agencies as requested.

The HR Department also manages and informs agency employees with regards to employee benefits, retirement, transfers and separations, worker’s compensation and agency safety programs.  It also promotes, coordinates and conducts employee training and orientation, and the resolution of work place issues as it relates to Federal and State Law, Civil Service Rules and LHC Policy.


Employment Opportunities

LHC Job Opportunities:

Job openings at LHC are now posted on the Civil Service website using LA Careers Job Opportunities.  All interested persons can now apply online by selecting the job or agency (LHC) category you’re interested in and clicking the ‘apply search’ button at the bottom of the page.  see link below.

All applications should be submitted electronically using LA Careers.  Please follow all directions on the job vacancy posting when submitting an application in order to be considered for the vacancy.

Job openings for classified state jobs available to state employees and the general public can also be found using the link to LA Careers below.

LA Careers