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Low-Income Housing Tax-Credit Program
Tax-Credit Assistance Program
1602 Exchange Program

Program Manager: Marjorianna Willman
Email to Tax-Credit
Energy Assistance Program
Program Manager: Darleen Okammor
Email to Energy

Sustainable Housing Program
Program Manager: Liza Bergeron
Email to Sustainable Housing

Small Rental Program

Program Manager: Liza Bergeron
Email to Small Rental

Compliance Monitoring Program

Program Manager: Ricky Patterson
Email to Compliance

Single Family Program

Program Manager: Mary Antoon
Email to Single Family

MultiFamily Bonds Program

Program Manager: Vacant
Email to MultiFamily Bonds

Home Program

Program Manager: Robert McNeese
Email to Home

Section 8 (Contract Admin.) Program

Program Manager: Lauren H. Holmes
Email to Section 8

Construction Monitoring Program

Program Manager: Todd Folse
Email to Construction Program

Permanent Supportive Housing

Supervisor: James Young
Louisiana Housing Authority

Human Resources

Human Resources Supervisor: Taryn Miceli
Human Resources

Emergency Services Grant

Program Manager: Winona Connor
Email to Emergency Services Grant

Internal Audit
Audit Supervisor: Konchetta Bringier
Inernal Audit


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